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Originally founded to provide language training for the US military, directly and under GSA sub-contract, and consulting services for language programs, Aspire now provides language courses and translation services for the general public.
Aspire’s partners have over 40 years of experience in language in instructional, administrative and executive positions.

Translation and Interpretation

English to target language or target language to English.

Editing and/or consultation regarding English language material to assure accurate vocabulary and appropriate voice for the intended reader such as a publisher, an employer, a review committee or a customer.

Language Instruction

All instructional hours are with well qualified instructors who guide learners from their level, from beginner to advanced, to higher proficiency.

Intermediate level and above learners can choose to focus on conversation, formal speaking, business protocol or test (DLPT, AP, CLEP) preparation. 


All areas of second language curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Professional development programs for instructors, administrators and support staff.

Advice for accreditation (CEA and ACCET) studies and visits.

Recruitment of bi-lingual professionals.

Government Services

Aspire's instructors have long experience in providing DLPT predeployment language training for government personnel.

Aspire works with Language Program Managers, GSA contractors and individuals to provide instructional services.

Current Courses

Below are Aspire's most frequently requested languages.
Formats can be online or in person as noted.
In person classes at our Honolulu location follow CDC distancing and mask guidelines.
Other languages and formats are available upon request.

Other languages are available as are custom classes for professionals
and professional groups in topics such as business, legal, health care.
Phone & Text - 808-439-1226
Aspire Language Institute
1590 Kupau Street, Kailua, HI 96734

Why Learn a new Language?

Travel The World With Confidence

Learning a new language can enrich your traveling experience and has many proven benefits.

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Leaning a foreign language can open up new job opportunities and financial growth.

More Perspective on Arts & Culture

Learning a new language can open a journey into new arts and cultures that can develop a lifetime of enrichment.

Become a Better Learner

Learning a new language has shown to improve learning skills.

Business Travel & Communication

Global business and travel are expanding quickly, learn a new language to give you the leading edge.

Speak With More People 

Speaking more than one language can help you connect with people from all over the world.