Dari & Pashto DLPT Preparation

Hazaragi, and Herati -  general language courses

Dari and Pashto DLPT courses are designed for students at the ILR 1+ to 3 levels

- you can register for 10, 40, 100, 150 or 180 hours of instruction.
                    Online - 1:1 instruction with a schedule to suit your needs
                    In person at our office in Honolulu at 1311 Kapiolani Boulevard, Suite 200
                    Your location in Hawaii, in the DC area or other locations in US or abroad

                    - practicing the skills that will be tested.
                    - reading and listening to material covered by the test.
                    - expanding a working vocabulary through reading, listening and speaking practice.
                    - gaining a better understanding of the grammatical structure of the target language.
                    - becoming familiar with with the type of questions on the test.
                    - engaging with a native speaker of the language.

                    - courses use authentic (not text book) material such as print and video news and other media.
                    - material covers the subjects typically covered on the DLPT.
                    - promotion of the understanding of the cultural context of the language.
                    - the target language is used during 90% of the class time by the instructor and the students.

                    - are based in on the US mainland
                    - all teach online, some can teach in person in Hawaii, others in DC, or GA. Some can travel to your location.
                    - all are native speakers of the languages they teach.
                    - some have security clearances.
                    - all have master's degress from a university in the US.

Individual Students
Check with your Language Program Manager or supervisor to see if funds are available. If they are, follow purchasing procedures for your department.

If you are self funding, you can register for the 1:1 Dari or Pashto  course below. Within 48 hours of receiving your registration Aspire will contact you to arrange a schedule that is convenient for you.

For an in person DLPT or other Dari or Pashto language classes, contact us at info@aspirelanguage.com for information and pricing.
                    - For information or to register for in person classes in Honolulu or elsewhere contact us at info@aspirelanguage.com.
Language Administrators
For information on or to arrange for Dari or Pashto DLPT or any of the other courses below, online or in person contact us at info@aspirelanguage.com.

Aspire is SAM registered with a Cage Code of 8CZX8.

Other Courses in the languages of Afghanistan that may be of Interest
                     -Pre-Deployment classes in  for relocating individuals and families.
                    - DLPT for students at ILR level at or below 1+ or above 3+.
                    - 40 hour courses in Hazaragi, and Herati
                    - a 40 hour course in Dari slang.

For information on these courses contact us a info@aspirelanguage.com

PASHTO or DARI DLPT Prep Online Pricing

For in person instruction or more information on other courses or formats
contact us: info@aspirelanguage.com