Language Lessons

In Person or Online
1 Teacher : 1 Student

Language Classes

1 Teacher : 3 - 7 students

Do you prefer Online or In-Person?

You choose the format

What time are you available for lessons?

You set a schedule that works for you.

What are your goals?

You decide how to use the time.

What is the Difference Between Lessons and Classes?

In CLASSES the curriculum is set. The pace considers all class members.

What are the benefits of CLASSES?

• You meet others learning at your level so you can practice together.
• You learn different points of view on the language.
• Classes are cheaper since students share the expenses.

Since LESSONS are 1:1, the student guides the curriculum and the pace Is individual for the student.

What are the benefits of LESSONS?

• The student guides the curriculum.
• You learn at your own pace.
• No need to review what you know.
• More individual speaking time.

In Person Classes
In Person 1:1 Lessons

In Person Classes
In Person 1:1 Lessons