English as a Second Language

DLPT – English Test Preparation


Aspire has particular expertise in the DLPT; its faculty has trained 1000s of military test takers. Recently the US military has recognized English language needs and there is more interest in the English DLPT. Aspire is one of the few language schools with expertise in English language testing. Lessons can be either online or in person (in Hawaii).

Classes are typically arranged by a CLPM for 1-6 students in the same level. (Aspire is SAM registered and accepts the GC card). 1:1 lessons are typically arranged by individuals who have access to taking the test but do not have employer paid training.

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ESL Tours

These can be arranged for high school, university or professional groups.

Curriculum of 15 hours/week is designed in consultation with your group leader to suit your needs.

ESL content can be practice in speaking, vocabulary games, or for business tours, case studies that involve working in teams using all 4 language skills to solve a problem.

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Other Test Instruction Available Online

If you need a specific score to obtain admission to a school or to advance your career, Aspire’s faculty can assess your needs and provide 1 on 1 tutoring. With a personal tutor you can direct the content to meet your needs. You can choose to emphasize speaking over reading or listening over writing, etc. All instructional time is devoted to your involvement with the English language with guided learning. Writing and other exercises are done on your own.

Other ESL tests our faculty has successfully prepared students for:

Cambridge – First Certificate Exam (FCE)
   C1 Advanced Exam (CAE)
   C2 Proficienty Exam (CPE)

IELTS- International English Learning System

TOEFL- Test of English as a Foreign Language

TOEIC – Test of English for International Communication

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National Accreditation for Your ESL Program

Aspire’s partners have prepared successful self-studies for accreditation by both CEA and ACCETS. They can advise and assist your self-study and preparing your submission.

If your school is based outside the US and you are seeking US accreditation, we can work with you.

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ESL for Job Seekers 

One on one, private, consultation on preparing your resume or cover letter or preparing for an interview. You can choose how these 8 hours will be used.

• hours of consultation: $400.

Resource book optional: Cambridge Job Hunting

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ESL for Food Service Workers 
ESL for Hospitality Staff

Employers will be interested in the English training for Hospitality and Food Service workers. These are two separate courses that emphasize speaking and reading the essential vocabulary for the industry. There is practice in job specific conversations. Throughout the course, students learn the expectations of working in the service industry.

$1,500.00 for up to 10 students

The each course is 15 hours and can be arranged at your workplace. We will meet with you and learn your specific needs and the language level of your staff.

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