Translation & Interpretation  

We provide translation services in all major world languages and a few of the smaller languages

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  • English to target Language and target Language to English written and oral translations and interpretations. 
  • Translations of web sites, papers, and articles as well as menus, price lists, press releases, and newsletters. 
  • Translation of resumes, cover letters, and applications 
  • Interpretation at meetings, events, medical and legal consultations, etc. 

Besides Translation, We Edit your English Language Material 

Second language writers of journals, resumes, statements or research papers often find that excellent material is rejected due to organizational or sentence construction issues, imprecise vocabulary or misapplied idioms. We can review your work and provide the needed editing or consultation. Consultation may take the form of a conference via Skype or Zoom. The type of material we work with includes:

1. Resumes and CVs and supplemental items such as:

  • Cover letters
  • Personal statements requested with work, school or scholarship applications
  • Narrative questions on applications

2. Journal articles and research papers for academics or publication 
3. Grant proposals
4. PowerPoint presentations
5. Business or marketing plans
6. Theses/dissertations in areas of our expertise

7. Digital presence: 

  • Website Text
  • Blogs
  • Text for Social media profiles

8. Informational and/or promotional brochures and/or fliers
9. Newsletters
10. Press releases

NOTE: We do not write these items for you. We edit for grammar and word choice and advise you on the organization and culturally appropriate and inappropriate material. We do not comment on the quality of your material although may suggest additions or subtractions. In some cases, we may recommend a Skype, Zoom or other consultation.

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English to Language/ word
Language to English/ word
Technically Complex
Edit of 3rd party
Arabic$0.25$0.30Individually PricedIndividually Priced
Individually Priced$0.27Individually PricedIndividually Priced
Chinese- Mandarin
or Cantonese
$0.215$0.29Individually Priced$54/Hour
Japanese$0.224$0.27Individually Priced$59/Hour
Korean$0.224$0.27Individually Priced$59/Hour