Korean DLPT Preparation

Defense Language Preparation Test Course

 Korean Language DLPT prep courses are designed for students at the ILR 1+ to 3 levels

                    Hours - available 10, 40, 100, 150 and 180 scheduled to meet your needs.
                    Online - 1:1 with an experienced DLPT instructor
                    In person - at our office in Honolulu at 1311 Kapiolani Boulevard, Suite 200
                    Your location in Hawaii, on the US mainland or abroad

                    - practicing the skills that will be tested.
                    - expanding working vocabulary through reading, listening and speaking practice.
                    - discussing reading and listening passages to understand their context.
                    - gaining a better understanding of Korean's grammatical structure.
                    - becoming familiar with with the type of questions on the test.
                    - engaging with a native speaker of Korean.

                    - content is from authentic (not text book) material such as print and video news and other media.
                    - material is selected for its level and coverage of the subjects typically appearing on the DLPT.
                    - conveying the cultural context of the Korean language.
                    - the Korean language is used in 90% of the class time by the instructor and the student(s).

In consultation with the student and/or the Language Program Manager the balance of time devoted to the different skills can be adjusted or special  instruction can be arranged for those below ILR 1+ or above ILR 3.

                    - All our instructors are native speakers of Korean.
                    - Together they have successfully prepared over 2,000 students for the DLPT.
                    - Individually they have 4-20+ years of teaching Korean for the DLPT.
                    - Most have taught at US universities.
                    - All have master's degrees, some from US universities and some from universities in Korea.

Some instructors are based in Hawaii, others on the east or pacific US coasts. All teach online. Some of our instructors can teach in person in Hawaii. Some can travel to your location.

                    - for the 1:1 Korean online courses you can register online below. Within 48 hours of receiving 
                                   your registration Aspire will contact you to arrange a schedule convenient for you.
                    - for an in person Korean, contact us at info@aspirelanguage.com for information and pricing.
Language Administrators:
- can contact us at info@aspirelanguage.com to arrange in person or online classes.
                    - Aspire is SAM registered with a Cage Code of 8CZX8.

Other Korean Language Courses of Interest
                    - Beginner and Introductory Chinese
                    - Specialties including area studies
                     -Pre-Deployment classes in Korean for relocating individuals and families.
                    - DLPT for those below 1+ or above ILR 3+ For information on these courses contact us
                                   at info@aspirelanguage.com

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