ESL For Job Seekers
ESL For Job Seekers

ESL For Job Seekers

8 hours of consultation

Resource book optional:

Cambridge Job Hunting

Within 24 hours of receiving your registration, Aspire will contact you to schedule your consultation.



MAKE UP: With a 24 hour notice to the instructor, time can be re-scheduled. With less than 24 hours, with the exception of a documented emergency, the hours are forfeited.

TARDINESS/NO SHOW Tardiness of 10 or fewer minutes can be re-scheduled. After 10 minutes the instructor will call a phone number supplied by the student. If there is a log on within 5 minutes this time can be made up. If there is a log on in 30 of minutes of the scheduled time, 15 minutes will be forfeited. For a logon of 30 minutes after the scheduled start time, without contact, the entire scheduled hours will be forfeited. Being unavailable for the instructor’s call is not an excuse since scheduled times are communicated in advance.

DURATION: If these hours are not used within 3 months of the first lesson, unless there is a documented emergency, these hours will be forfeited.