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Do you prefer Online or In-Person?

You choose the format

What time are you available for lessons?

You set a schedule that works for you.

What are your goals?

You decide how to use the time.

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What do you want to learn?

You want to learn the general language.

- If you have no exposure to the language, you can start with Beginner 1
- If you want to continue lessons started elsewhere start where you left off.

You are rusty and want to practice speaking

- You're taking a trip and want to refresh your speaking.
- You're taking an online course where there is little to no interaction with a native speaking instructor.
- There is an upcoming visit from family and friends.
- You will be in a wedding, in a country where this language is spoken.

You have a specific business need.

- Customers whom you can better serve if you can use their language.
- Meeting a client. Practice social interaction and the vocabulary and etiquette of your field.
- Practice for a job interview.
- A review of terms used in your field.
- Understanding and completing forms and applications.

You have a specific academic need.

- Tutoring for your high school or college course.
- Coaching for an AP, CLEP or similar test.