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Consulting for language Instruction and curriculum inclusive of accreditation preparation.

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Aspire can help your language institution in 3 areas:

  • Improving your curriculum and its delivery and assessment inclusive of helping you in a self study for national accreditation. 
  • Professional development for language instructors. 
  • Recruiting qualified professionals in target languages. 
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All Areas of Curriculum and its Delivery: 

Are your placement tests aligned with your curriculum? Is your assessment appropriate for your instructional content? Do your faculty prepared tests accurately reflect your student learning outcomes? Are you keeping your records in the manner expected by the national accreditation agencies?

Aspire can help you with these areas of your program and help you in a way that will meet the standards promulgated by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation and the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training.

Both principals of Aspire have worked successfully with the two English language accrediting agencies in the US and can assist you in your self study.
If you are pursuing accreditation, Aspire can work with you at any stage or level of preparation:

  • Preliminary discussion of which agency is right for your program.
  • Assessment of your program and how it meets the stated guidelines of the two agencies.
  • Issues for schools outside the US.
  • Projected time line and cost.
  • The Self Study.
  • Work with your staff on organizing material for presentation.
  • Assisting in creating the documentation needed for these reports.
  • Assembling and/or editing the final report.
  • Follow up
  • Assisting in the site visit preparation.
  • Assisting on assembling follow up reports.
  • Training your staff in formats such as annual reports and reporting changes.

Consulting – Professional Development for Language Instructors

We can work with your institution to learn about your needs. We have access to providers who can design presentations and workshops to fit them. Here are a few topics that can be covered:

  • Developing strategies to meet the learner’s goals, motivation, learning style.
  • Lesson Plans and assessments that fit the SLOs.
  • Adapting resources (games, flash cards, video) and creating supplementary materials that fit SLOs and meet assessment criteria. 
  • Delivery: reducing TTT (teacher talking time). Repeating and rephrasing. Open ended questions. 
  • Assessment: Designing formative and summative metrics. 
  • Error correction. 

Consulting – Recruitment of Language Professionals

If you have a need for non-English speaking staff for your business or educational institution, we can help you through our network find and assess the ability of the person to perform the work you have.

From our network we can find candidates to fill your needs for foreign language teachers, translators, advisors, or other professional positions.

To help you with recruitment for your general positions, we can provide these services individually or as a package:

  • Place ads in foreign language journals.
  • Translate and circulate your job description.
  • Have the responses translated, screened and/or assessed.
  • Have a translator available in your interview.
  • Review references both written and oral.
  • If the position is offered, assure that the candidate understands the terms of employment.