Defense Language Proficiency Test

Aspire’s instructors specialize in DLPT training with experience in 20 languages and have taught Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard Personnel.
Pre deployment and area studies courses are available in some languages. 

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Defense Language Proficiency Test Preparation
Defense Language Proficiency Test Preparation

Defense Language Proficiency Test Preparation

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About Aspire's DLPT

The Defense Language Proficiency Test was developed and is administered by the Defense Language Institute. While the original purpose was for military training needs, the test is used widely throughout the federal government to determine the language proficiencies and training needs for its staff.

Test takers can be active duty military personnel or National Guard or Reservists, US State Department personnel or intelligence analysts, government or government contracting personnel. Good scores open career paths and higher pay through the “Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus” program.

The tests are scaled to the Interagency Round Table proficiency levels.

Aspire’s language instructors have successfully prepared over 10,000 students in the military and in civilian government capacities for these tests. They have taught students from levels from 1 to 4. Students who apply themselves can raise their scores ½ and full points.

Foreign language proficiency bonus

For government personnel, Aspire can work directly with language program managers or as a subcontractor for GSA contractors for providing language and pre-deployment training. Courses can be face to face in Hawaii or online.
Many student s can get funding from their brigade or department. Aspire is in compliance with all criteria for working with the Federal Government. Aspire can work with purchasing representatives or with GSA contract holders. Aspire and its instructors have provided lessons for the Department of State and all branches of the US military.

NAICs – 541618; 541930 611630; 611699
DUNS – 117136550

Aspire has is able to work with Language Program Managers. Others can prepare on their own. 

DLPT Pricing

Arabic MSA*, Chinese Mandarin, Indonesian, Russian, Tagalog*, Urdu
1:1 online instruction 


French, Korean, Vietnamese
1:1 online instruction 

More Languages and Dialects are Available
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* Other Arabic dialects such as Gulf, Sudanese, Egyptian and Levantine and other Filipino languages and dialects are available with special pricing. The listings above are for Aspire’s most popular languages. Other less commonly taught languages are available such as Persian/Farsi, Pashto, Portuguese (Brazilian), Thai, Turkish, Uyghur and the main languages and dialects of the Pacific region.
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